Friday, June 17, 2011

basement remodel :: week 7

Now that construction is officially over, the decorating process has begun.

bathroom full

My favorite part.

I ordered custom blinds this week (received a great deal, including free shipping, through JCPenney). The family is pretty bummed about not being able to use the bathroom for six more weeks (our neighbors have a view straight inside) - personally, I don't know what the big rush is... because once they start using it, I'll need to CLEAN it.

Throughout the decorating phase, we will be adding pieces that belonged to Tony's father. Little reminders of him. Such as these seashells:

lito shells

the shelf

Which we've incorporated into the bathroom.

The office is coming together nicely as well.


We are creating a custom-looking piece behind the desk and are waiting on three pieces before moving forward any further. (Hint: It involves magnetic chalkboard paint!)

Some of the 10x10 prints for the "smaller" collage arrived as well:


Just waiting on the 16x16 prints (for the big collage) and a shipment of frames before making our first official holes in the walls.

Tony added a little bling of his own.


Electronic bling, that is ;)

Until next time...

PS: I almost forgot to share the GAME CLOSET:

game closet

We've since added green IKEA boxes to the bottom, filled to the brim with video games. This closet = a dream come true :)

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Chris Mellang said...

You can pick up temporary paper blinds at Home Depot and Menards pretty inexpensively (under $20) that double stick tape to the window frame until your blinds come in.

Looks fantastic!

Crystal said...

How exciting!! The bathroom is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your office when it is finished. So cool that you have a whole closet for games!!!