Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the four of us :: may 2011

Bet you thought I'd forgotten to post it this month, pushing things to the very end like this. In fact, I'd been waiting for summer-like weather - you know, to show the changing seasons. Unfortunately, I realized I could be waiting A VERY LONG TIME with how wacky the weather has been! Took the shot below last night, after a very long day at my parents' pool... after a very long weekend... with a couple of sleep-deprived children.

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the four of us :: may

We had to take a couple of runs at it (literally, I had us running in circles before saying "SIT!").

May was a big month:
  1. Our basement remodel began AND is nearly complete!
  2. The tween became an official percussion student.
  3. Our teen took up the OBOE!
  4. The tween's room was finally painted and furnished.
  5. Mother's Day.
  6. Tennis season was in full swing (the teen's last match is tomorrow).
  7. The end of bible study season and PowerLife.
  8. Tony purchased his dream guitar.
  9. Mom & I attended Living Proof Live with Beth Moore. (Surprisingly, you'll spot both of us [from behind] at the very start of the LPL video recap! Click HERE to view it on the Living Proof blog.)
  10. We celebrated Tony's birthday.
  11. I spent many a day at my sister's place with giant piles of laundry.
  12. Tony and I had several "selection" appointments related to the basement project.
  13. We had our first day of swimming at Grandma's pool for the season.
  14. I became a fan of Pinterest and Words With Friends. Okay, I'm officially OBSESSED.
  15. Got our fill of Rhubarb Torte.
  16. The tween found a second home this month at Pippy's house :)
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