Monday, March 21, 2011

my new bagS

Remember when I told you all about the birthday gift I'd ordered for myself? Well, it arrived.

the main bag

I ended up being gifted a second gorgeous bag as well!!!!!

my new bag 2

I love both; pictures alone just don't do them justice. They will be *perfect* for shopping at the Farmers' Market this summer. And the Traders Market in Elko/New Market. These spacious bags are ready to be loaded up with all sorts of treats :)

In case you missed my original post, I ordered the bag from Etsy seller Bayou Salvage. (Looks like Anthropologie in New Orleans will be carrying some of their goods as well!) A few of my other favs are the ruffled leggings that are HERE and this super cute tunic (click HERE) and adorable dress that is HERE.

The ruffles get me every time.

bag on chair

Speaking of which, you can even properly girlify your NOOK/Kindle with a Gussy bag (click HERE).

Girlie heaven. ✿ ✿ ✿

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