Wednesday, January 26, 2011

they call it "the land of enchantment"

As I mentioned in my last post, Tony and I spent the weekend taking care of business in New Mexico.

new mexico sign

Specifically, tending to my FIL's property and personal belongings. It was our first visit there and I was totally unprepared for what we found.


lr other angle

Color. And lots of it.

tile work



And beautiful tile work (a recent addition, as we were told by Coke's NM friends). I was BLOWN AWAY by the attention to detail:

mantel details


From the custom mantel to the copper sconces... and the silver switch plates that matched this dining room mirror:


All so unlike his place here in Minnesota, so unlike HIM... or so I thought :) It was clear his heart was there.

balcony standing on

balcony from door

So easy to see why.

coke's mountain view

Here are several more shots of his home:


kitchen tilework

More recently added tile work.

other master bedroom

master bathroom

Master bedroom and bath (his bedroom was COVERED with images of his children and grandchildren... we'd packed them before I had a chance to photograph the room). Below is the guest bedroom with the second balcony (not pictured is the walk-in closet that rivaled that of the master bedroom):

spare bedroom

other balcony

The second bathroom:

fancy bath

And lastly, a view from the outside:

front of building

We also had the most wonderful opportunity to get to know a handful of his closest friends:

mono friends

friends house

We shared many laughs and tears with them. Tony and I saw clearly why he loved it there so much. It was a very special weekend.


Special indeed.

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Simply Cindy said...

Tina, How sweet that you could go there and also be with some of his friends. You know I go to AZ all the parents LOVE it there too! It is a different life from MN for sure...but they LOVE it so much. They have wonderful friends....That is why I love it there too. It's a life we should all experience!You have to go there to get it! :)

Tina Vega said...

You said it perfectly, Cindy :)