Thursday, November 4, 2010

they call it... road kill

bunnies stand

I stole this lovely costume idea from my friend Rebecca.

dead bunnies

My boys really got into it :)

We're still recovering from the night of fun. This is how my living room has looked most of the week.

livingroom floor

If you look closely, you might even notice signs of heavy sugar consumption:

candy blur

And as I promised, a picture of my pumpkin:


Though we didn't have as many treak-or-treaters as last year, the cider and candy bars were still flowing 'til the wee hours (9:00 pm). I even had a helper this time which made it ohsomuch more fun. (Thanks Lynn!!!!!)

Here are a few more pics from our evening, including one of my favorite costumed family (you might remember them from last year as "breakfast"):


monopoly man

fire family

And that would be the water's SURFACE TENSION Kristen is holding out. Gotta love the scientist in her :)

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Colleen Warmka said...

Love the road kill - and the themed family is adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOL - awesome costumes and pumpkins!