Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kind of like a weekend recap


Really wishing there were some sort of in-between size for these Hipstamatic prints.

the boys


But no, they're either really, really big or really, really small. Anyway, at Sharon's prompting I am getting my blogging rear back in gear. Thought I'd begin with a rundown of my weekend... because it was full of all sorts of surprises. Including a date on Friday that landed me in this snazzy head gear:

go karts

Lovely, I know. We ended up sharing a thrilling eight minutes on the track at a local go-kart facility before heading out for a burger at Shamrock's in St. Paul. Dinner for two turned into dinner for four after running into Sharon and her husband. We'd already planned on staying for Rockfist (Sharon's husband's band) but dining with the two of them was an unexpected bonus :)

sharon & chris


Spent the day at my mom's pool on Saturday and had a fire with friends that evening.

the fire

A fire that included strawberry marshmallow smores. (Yum.) And more pool on Sunday.

A super weekend topped off with a lunch date at Burger Jones for Sharon's birthday :) I was so engrossed in our conversation (and food - a cheese curds/french fries/bacon/beef gravy concoction) that I forgot to snap a picture.

Have a couple of deadlines I'm trying to meet this week but will be back soon with the update I promised!

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Tanya said...

Oh, wow. The only better than marshmallows, I imagine, would have to be strawberry marshmallows!! Thanks for the info. I had no idea!

Anonymous said...

love your date. *love*

Jan said...

What is with that head gear?

Looks like you enjoyed yourself this weekend Tina...good for you!