Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my beloved


One of those songs I just can't stop listening to... click HERE to hear it for yourself (if the link doesn't play the entire song, just click on Kari's name below to find it on her MySpace page). The lyrics for the song are below:

My Beloved

You're My beloved, you're My bride
To sing over you is My delight. Come away with Me, My love.

Under My mercy come and wait, till we are standing face to face.
I see no stain on you, My child.

You're beautiful to Me, so beautiful to Me.
I sing over you My song of peace
Cast all your cares down at My feet
Come and find your rest in Me.

I'll breathe My life inside of you.
I'll bear you up on eagles' wings and hide you in the shadow of My strength.
I'll take you to My quiet waters.
I'll restore your soul.

Come rest in Me and be made whole.

The song is by Kari Jobe and you can find her album HERE. Or better yet... add your name as a comment to this post and have your name entered into a drawing for a free album! (Winner will be posted on Friday.)

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Lori V said...

Yeah, the first poster again! I guess it pays to be home sick!
Loved her voice, is she a new artist, I have not heard of her, I would love her album!

theheartofachild said...

My favorite song too!!! Takes me back to India on our mission trip where I first heard it everytime!

Crystal said...

I love giveaways and new music! Thanks for sharing Tina!

Tilly said...

Love it.

Christine said...

Love that! Would love that! :)

~Kathie~ said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song!!

Jodie said...

I, too, love giveaways and music! The words are incredible -- Tina, thank you for sharing.