Tuesday, March 9, 2010

M+J | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

Neither dog poo, nor drippy ceilings, nor a hole in the ice would halt this session. Okay, the poo issue was mine... I stepped in it here:


It was the start of our session and thankfully I didn't have the couple SIT in it. (Now that probably would have been a session-stopper.)

sweet hug

Then there was this cool location... with a huge number of water issues.

fun together

They simply rolled with it. Laughing. Playing. Kissing. Biting.


Okay, so the bite didn't really happen :) Here are a few more shots from our day:




run run as fast as you can



b/w kiss coffee kiss

You'll see these two again as I'll be shooting their wedding later this year. Can't wait!!

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Crystal said...

Simply beautiful. Way to go Tina!

Ginger said...

Wow! Well done, friend!

Jan said...

The pictures are AMAZING! Wow!

Mellissa said...

Simply stunning!!! I love them all! Great locations, is that a SSP pedestrian bridge off Concord? Love it all!