Thursday, January 7, 2010

hi. i'm procrastinating.

Where did all the Legos go?

My 9-year old son and I hang out one night a week. We pretend to be secret agents but really, we just go to Target and look at toys. Our night usually ends with an ICEE and sometimes even, a small popcorn.

Imagine our shock and surprise as we encountered this near-empty LEGO aisle. A neighboring store didn't even have a LEGO aisle... it had simply been reduced to an endcap. Thankfully, my Facebook friends assured us the LEGO toys would be back. (Good thing, otherwise it would have thrown off our whole secret agent thing.)

With nothing else to do (Nerf-browsing lasts only so long) we decided to make a stop for hot cocoa. Ren requested an adult hot cocoa because "they seem a whole lot fancier" - I was happy to oblige :)


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Jan said...

That is SO funny! B got a gift card for Christmas and when we got to Target he was fully dismayed at the the lack of legos as well. He went with some sort of hostile looking, Elmer Fudd-like nerf gun instead. Sorry, Buzz Bee Toy gun. I am constantly corrected by him whenever I say Nerf in conjuction with that thing. Have a great weekend...stay warm!

Mellissa said...

That is so great the fun you are having! I love it!

~Kathie~ said...

Very funny story!! :)

Sounds like a fun evening spent with your son!

Queen to 1 said...

What a neat tradition! I'm sure your son will always treasure those nights together. How COOL!

As for Lego's...I remember my brother getting Lego's for xmas and there seemed so many options. I had to buy a small Lego gift this year and I was underwhelmed by the selection...maybe I should have gone to a toy store rather than Target/Walmart. I can't wait till I have a son and we get to play Lego's together or have a son/mom night!

Tina Vega said...

Do you know you're having a boy then, Kelli?????! Congratulations :))

Kelli said...

:) Thanks!

I'm not sure what we're having - we are going to find out until the big day...but I FEEL like it will be a boy. Either way, Lego's are in my kids future!