Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ever have one of those days where you run around like a mad woman, frantically digging for things to dispose of/donate?

Or is it just me?


And this was just the beginning. Two of the bags had already made it to the curb and nine boxes are ready for donation on my fourth level (i.e. the basement). I finally came to the realization that Candyland and the Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop are dreams of the past. After watching two episodes of Hoarders last night, I really felt the need to thin things out. Dried out Play Doh and markers, broken toys and games with missing parts, outdated Creative Memories business enhancers - the stuff of nightmares. You'll never guess what all of my sorting unearthed:

buried treasure

A prize I'd won last year on Christine's blog! Guess it's time to sit down and read it.

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Colleen W. said...

Oh TINA!! I have been doing the purging and organzing thing too - prompted by starting to finish our basement. the blue trucks came Monday and took away 10 bags of stuff - we've had overflowing and piled up garbage the last two weeks. It feels good - but there's still more to do (i just don't think it ever ends!!)And I think i have an unopened copy of that book too! OOPS!

Jan said...

We definitely have our share of unneeded/unwanted things at our house as well, but a few years ago we enlisted this trick to help a little bit: for every new thing you bring into the house, another must go away. Adults and kids alike. (It is great, especially after birthdays/Christmas, etc). I myself haven't begun the Christmas clean-up yet. Next week I hope!!

Tina Vega said...

Colleen, that is SO FUNNY you're sitting on a copy of that book, too!

The "something in/something out" method is something we've loosely followed over the years. I'll certainly be making it a priority from this point forward.