Saturday, January 16, 2010

a day full of surprises

What began as an ordinary Friday turned out to be anything but...

a new place

My husband had taken the day off of work with the intention of kidnapping me for lunch. (A change from his usual itinerary ways.) We spent most of the afternoon tooling around after first stopping for lunch at a cute little place called Fischerville Coffee House. I ordered a Gingerbread Latte and an Italian Panini (I know, an odd combination... blame it on hormones). The food was excellent (I'd love to try breakfast sometime) but I'd recommend avoiding the lunch hour because the place was PACKED. (Tip: You'll find a little parking lot behind the joint so don't be dismayed if you have trouble finding a spot in front.)

After lunch, we stumbled upon a sweet photo prop for the wee ones:

peewee chair

A teeny-tiny little thing I can hardly wait to get outside. I had a session this morning with Mellissa's son and will hopefully have an image or two to share tomorrow!

The biggest surprise of the day had to be the one sprung onto a friend:

waiting for her arrival




Celebrating a very special birthday - of course, I would never mention which one...

bubble bath

...because I'm thoughtful and considerate like that ;) All and all, it was a fun evening filled with good food, old/new friends, and lots of laughter.

me & the birthday girl

BTW, in case you hadn't noticed this Tweet... Focus on the Family had a guest on yesterday's radio program with an INCREDIBLE God Moment story. We'd heard a little about it from Beth Moore during the course of one of our Bible studies but to hear the story in his own words (along with miracle itself as it happened during a recorded moment of teaching) - well, it's something that will blow your socks off. Just click HERE to check it out.

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Jan said...

That is an amazing story...a real live miracle caught on tape! Wow! Thanks for sharing.

Tony is so sweet! I love that he took the day off to kidnap you for lunch!