Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it was one of those days

I began working on this post yesterday, fully intending to post Thanksgiving Day pics at the end. But when it turned into a rant about every irritation, I decided to call it a night. So here I go again.

At the top of my irritation list is the fact I'm still dealing with a messed up dental issue from last May. A claim for our youngest child was mistakenly submitted under the oldest child's name. The oldest already had said tooth pulled and the insurance company refused to pay for a second extraction of the same tooth. Can't say I blame them.

Did I happen to mention this took place last May? MAY, I tell you.

And that was just the tip of the irritation iceberg. Needless to say, after venting a bit it was sorta difficult making the transition to Thanksgiving Day pics. I wasn't feeling very thankful. Unfortunately, things haven't improved a great deal today. Perhaps a weekend away with the girls will help. And nonstop scrapbooking.

So as promised, a few shots:

the food

grandma's smile

the kids' table




And that's that.

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Tanya said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Ya know, your rant reminds me of something I call The Sprint error in their billing to me, in which they mistakenly said I owed $1900 IN ONE MONTH! It took - literally - 11 months (and 26 people I spoke to) to clear it up! So I feel your pain. Good luck the insurance company!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Tanya..... You seem to have time for Tina......


Jan said...

Wow-it just kind of hit me that Chad kinda looks like Jason Bateman! Your turkey day feast looks great...making me hungry! Enjoy yourself this weekend!

Ginger said...

Loved your Thanksgiving Day pics; I took almost none since I'd spent the week sick. :(
Did a few rounds with the phone company years ago that remind me of your insurance issue! I feel for you!

Tina Vega said...

I hear your sickness pain, Ginger.

And wow, Tanya, I thought I'd been waiting forever. It's nice to know it finally did get cleared up (after so much time, a person begins to wonder).

Stacey... be nice ;)

Nice to hear from you, too, Jan. You've been blogging up a storm! I am enjoying it very much.