Monday, October 5, 2009

A+C | Minnesota Couples Portrait Session

I spent the afternoon yesterday with Crystal, her hubby, and their perfectly behaved puppy - Sage. Crystal and I are scrapbooking friends and have known each other for a number of years but I'd never had the opportunity to meet her husband. It was so fun spending time with them - both were game for pretty much anything, including several trips down the slide. We had a great conversation about the art of chopping off heads and I learned a valuable lesson about photographing pets (which led to me to purchasing a squeaky toy this afternoon).

Thank you both for coming out to play!

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Anonymous said...

The b&w one is my absolute favorite. What a great pic!!


Tina Vega said...

Thanks Tilly, that means a lot coming from you :)

Crystal said...

I can't pic a fav because I love them all! (especially the turtle one!) Thanks Tina! We had a lot of fun too.

JAN said...

I love all of them. It looks like you had a blast. Jan

Mellissa said...

AWWWW WOW!!!! Those are just awesome! Crystal, you and Hubby and Sage, of course, are so gorgeous together! Love all the pics! Too bad you probably didn't have much fun huh? RIGHT!!!!! What a blast!