Tuesday, September 1, 2009

enjoying the last days of summer

With a little time at the Minnesota State Fair...

And a lot of time at football (Ren's team won their first two games of the season)...

We've also been getting ready for the start of school by spending a lot of time at school, learning the lay of the land.

As I mentioned earlier, the Beth Moore simulcast was last weekend. You'll find a video recap HERE as well as information about sale of the series at a later date. (They WILL be making it available!!)

Along those lines, our weekly study will be starting up again on September 23, 2009 (you'll find registration information HERE). We'll be doing "The Inheritance" lecture series by Beth Moore, the promotional video is featured HERE. Anyone can join the study, you do not need to attend Hosanna! to take part. Let me know if you have any questions!

I'll be photographing a couple of seniors later this week - high school seniors, NOT the elderly as a few assumed the last time I posted a similar comment ;-) Looking forward to the sessions and will be sure to share a few images.

Looking forward to my old routine as well - being able to devote attention to my poor, neglected scrapbooking business, uninterrupted time to work on edits, coffee w/Sharon, and lunch dates with the hubby. And blogging, of course.

I hope you've been enjoying the gorgeous weather as much as I have! Looks like we have several more beautiful days ahead... EXACTLY what I love about Minnesota.

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