Sunday, April 19, 2009

it was the perfect way to end the week...

In addition, it made a great capture for the last image under the theme of "family" in the weekly photo challenge. We hooked up with Tilly and her family for a little Sonic action. After all it was a gorgeous day, what could be better than dinner on the patio?

Answer: Dinner in the van.

We were cold when the sun ditched us and everyone ended up taking shelter inside. Except for the brave men:

They enjoyed a quiet dinner. Alone. While Tilly and I helped four children carefully maneuver chicken and fries and tots and ketchup and ranch dressing and drinks.

Looking back, I think perhaps we were the brave ones.

Then we headed back to our house for a movie:

Where I cried again watching Bolt. (Seriously, how could you not?) It was a fun time. Afterwards, Tilly and I had a chance to visit while the kids rocked out and our hubbies worked on some sort of music/recording/techy thing.

I was reminded of THIS lovely photographer and promised to pass along her information to Tilly today. Thought I'd post it here for other photography fans as well. Too, I discovered the very cool Mom*tog blog through Brenda's site after she'd been an interviewee. (Click HERE to give it a look-see yourself.) The author of that blog is also an amazing photographer, you can check out her work HERE.

I'm on-call today... please pray that no one needs my services. I'll try to check in again later.

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