Thursday, February 26, 2009

when one door closes, another opens

Today is THE day. The last official day of my Project 365. The last official day of forty. (Yeah, not really excited about that part.) I'll have just barely enough time to take a breath before the new photo-a-day challenge begins. I can't wait to start, can't wait to see what you guys come up with as well! We have ten in the group so far and I really hope a few more decide to jump in.

Did anyone happen to see the news story last night about grocery shopping and the least expensive places to shop in the Twin Cities? The full story is HERE. (I've always had my suspicions about SuperTarget being a better deal than Cub.) Speaking of groceries, did you know that Simon Delivers is no more? I guess it's now Coborns Delivers - same colors, same trucks - new name. From what I hear though, organic is really the way to go. Check out this delightful video for details (courtesy of my children):

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