Wednesday, September 17, 2008

this post is all over the place...

And I suppose you could call it a reflection of my day! I spent a bit of time reading up on codependency (trying to stay on top of those all too familiar patterns); click HERE for a great read. The book is also available for purchase HERE.

Too, I've been meaning to share a favorite digital website. I often go HERE to learn about different lenses; the reviews are extremely detailed and offer sample photos as well. Too, HERE is a great website for off-camera lighting tips. Have I ever shared THIS ONE with you? They offer photography classes online in a range of categories and skill levels.

My hubby called shortly after leaving for work this morning to share an email he'd received. Apparently, the anonymous praise was sent via Nice Critic - a new website featured on last night's news. (Click HERE to learn more.)

Looking for something yummy and pumpkinny? You could stop by Culver's for their Pumpkin Pecan Mixer or Pumpkin Shake (the best pumpkin flavor I've experienced yet this season). Or you could whip up the Paula Deen pumpkin death cake pictured above. (That's MY NAME for this rich dessert.) It has in it a couple of sticks of butter and an entire box of powdered sugar... what's not to like? The recipe is HERE; true melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

If you'd like to schedule an outdoor session, I have a limited number of fall openings available and will list them in my next post!!!!

And last but not least.... my new toy(s). You'll have to stay tuned for more information ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the yummy treat! It made mine and David's day:) If you're around Friday around 5:00ish I'll be stopping in to deliver some McHatties goodness:)

Tina Vega said...

Ooooh, if we're not around you could always leave it with a neighbor. (Yes, I realize that's a little risky but it's probably safer than leaving it at the door... the yard critters would surely have at it).

Striving Green said...

Tina - we would love to book a fall session with you. Looking forward to seeing your openings!

Amy said...

Mmm-I love pumpkin! Pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread...pumpkin is so good for you! (Just have to forget about all the butter, flour, and sugar thrown in with it!)

We would also love to book a fall session with you!

Anonymous said...

I (husband)will be making this cake TODAY!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting the link to that cake recipe! I love pumpkin! I just got done having some pumpkin flavored yogurt by Archer Farms, it was very good. Super Target also has The Archer Farms caramel apple yogurt and an apple cider flavored one- fall is here!