Tuesday, September 23, 2008

an old friend and a new toy

I met an old for lunch at a very cool spot just west of the Twin Cities. We met long ago and became fast friends. When I think of Sunny, I'm reminded of:

  • our old jerky boyfriends
  • the time her dog (Tootsie) dragged me BY MY HAIR across her dad's floor. I cried and she laughed. Hysterically.
  • hanging out by the pool
  • dressing up like biker guys for Halloween and then stopping by Perkins for a bite to eat. Sunny looked so much like a man, a woman screamed when she saw her in the ladies restroom. I laughed. Hysterically.
  • the time she made me dinner. When I sat to enjoy the meal she'd so carefully prepared, her dog (Tootsie) took stole my chicken.
  • Minneapolis Technical College and our friend Timm
  • The time we went shopping and I fell in love with a jacket I couldn't afford. Days later when I arrived home from work, the jacket was on my bed with a note from "The Jacket Fairy"
  • Laffy Taffy and Terry
  • The time I jumped into the pool and her dog (Tootsie) tried to drown me.
  • Going to a Bon Jovi concert just to see Sebastian Bach in the opening band; we left before Bon Jovi even performed.
So many good memories (aside from nearly being scalped and drowned). As I mentioned earlier, we had lunch at a neat little place in Watertown, called Crow River Coffee Company.

The coffee menu was IMPRESSIVE and the food was excellent - perfect atmosphere for hanging out with friends (I noticed they also have live music). The drive there was beautiful, it would make a great fall day trip (there's even a walking path leading down to the river).

And for the new toy. Here's a hint:

Yes, it's a lens. I think I'm in love.

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