Sunday, August 24, 2008

The most often heard quote from the day...

"It's about time."

My hubby's longtime friend/former bandmate was married yesterday. And really, the couple should have tied the knot years ago. (We all knew it would happen, it just took the bride and groom a little longer to figure that out!) Here are a few more shots from the sidelines:

My hubby (to the right) and another longtime friend/former bandmate.

The bride just before walking down the aisle.

The first dance.

It was a beeeeauuuutiful day for a wedding. Unfortunately, the huge amounts of sunshine contributed to huge amounts of LENS FLARE. (So that's what a lens hood is for... gotta get me one and soon.)

I'm off to seek coffee. Have a great day!

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Mellissa said...

Um, why again were you worrying about not being ready to tackle wedding photos? Ya, hon, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready! Love love love the dance floor shot!

Tina Vega said...

I'll actually be photographing a wedding *for real* in two weeks! Again, more of that little bit exciting/little bit scary stuff. You're such a great encourager, Mellissa.

Leslie said...

Beautiful photos Tina and love your blog (as well as Mellissa's). Good to see and talk with you the other night!

Jennifer said...

I love your blog - it is very inspiring!

Wow! BTW- That is my cousin Craig in that photo on the golf cart. If you see him,tell him Jenni said hi and that I miss him and the family! What a Small World!

Tina Vega said...

Hi Leslie!!! It was so fun sitting with you and your husband at the wedding, thanks for letting me be the third wheel :-)

Tina Vega said...

That is just WAY TOO FUNNY, Jennifer!!! It is indeed a small world; I'll be sure to pass along the message to Craig!