Monday, August 25, 2008

have you heard?

We spent Day #2 of our STAYCATION at the Minnesota State Fair. It was the first time all of our kids met the minimum height requirements, thus no adults were subjected to unnecessary spinning.

Of course, you can't talk about The Great Minnesota Get Together without some mention of food. And we had plenty of it. We also sampled one of the fair's newest items: Pig Lickers (i.e. chocolate-covered bacon sprinkled with sea salt). As tasty as they were, my favorite part was listening to Tilly:

"What are the bacon-things called again? Pigsicles?"

"No, Pig Lickers."

Fifteen minutes later, "We need to find those Piggle Wiggles."

In all fairness, the tongue-twisting was inevitable - we'd also heard about frozen pickle juice on a stick. Between Pig Lickers and pickle juice, fair vendors were just asking for trouble. Here are just a few of Tilly's other colorful references: Piggle Lickles, Pigglesicles, Tickle Pickles, Pigglewickles, and Pickle Lickers.

Just so there is no confusion as you head out to the fair, they are called PIG LICKERS. You'll find them at Famous Dave's by the Grandstand.

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Mellissa said...

Ok, the pic of the Pig Lickers was enough to scare my heart...but how did they taste? I cannot even fathom it! (And I am the queen of salt & dark chocolate!)

Tina Vega said...

They were YUMMY!!!!