Monday, July 21, 2008

July Faithbooking Lesson

Wowee... I'm so sorry for the delay my friends! This month's lesson was centered on the value of traditions. The world we live in is fraught with change; traditions give us a sense of certainty in the uncertainty of life. They are the cement that keep the family together and help us withstand the storms that come. Traditions enhance a family's sense of identity and serve as a connection between generations.

Here are some ideas for creating new traditions of your own:
  1. Have a special dinner plate to be used by a family member who has a reason to celebrate.
  2. Collect or make one ornament each year that has special meaning to the family.
  3. At Thanksgiving, help serve food at a homeless shelter or invite those without families of their own to dinner.
  4. Draw names for secret pals the before Valentine's Day. Perform small acts of service and kindness for that person, then reveal your identities on Valentine's Day.
  5. Make heart-shaped cookies and give them to those in your neighborhood or congregation who are alone.
  6. Make it a tradition to do something special on the last day of school.
  7. Christmas Card Prayers: After dinner but before everyone is excused, read aloud the Christmas cards that arrived that day. Take a few minutes to pray for the senders and then display the cards on your Christmas tree.
  8. Make the first morning in May a special one for a friend, neighbor, or teacher by leaving a May Day basket for them.
  9. Saturday is Dad's day to make breakfast with the kids.
  10. Use resources from Heritage Builders to create your own fun-filled Family Night tradition.

"All we have to work with is today. We must maximize the opportunities we have today and memorialize the moments, making impressions that will last a lifetime - through traditions." ~Author Unknown

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BTW, this is my very first digital scrapbooking page and I am loving it!!