Thursday, June 19, 2008

a list maker after my own heart

Auntie Stacey was feeling adventurous on Sunday and invited our boys and their cousins over for a sleepover... together. All four of them. She's one brave lady. My niece "M&M" quickly began organizing the event by planning meals and activities. She even crafted a detailed packing list!

I am proud to be her auntie.

She's also extremely artistic and quite the entrepreneur, selling handmade creations to the grandmas and aunties (as far as I know, her potholder business is not yet open to the public). I waited several months for my precious gem below (there were many orders ahead of mine).

Total sweetness.

Now for those of you with a heart for lists, I have a very special journal to share. You'll find it HERE.

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Amy said...

Emma loved this entry, since it was all about her! Cute pic!

Tina Vega said...

I'm uploading the pics to your gallery...

I'm glad she liked it :-)

Mellissa said...

I love it! She is a doll and such a smart girl to be all "listy!" I love making lists! They are the best! I can't wait til my niece opens up her craft business! I will have to mention this to her. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The sleepover is in progress as I type. We are following the plans on M&M's list. We are going to paint nails next!!!! Boys are playing video games and disc shooter.

StaceyD and M&M, Meeley, Ren and Little Darth