Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Emily Dickinson I am not.

when i was six i played a game
i'd stand in grass and spin around
arms out wide round and round
falling softly on the ground
i'd look into sky of blue
and pillow clouds floating through

while the sky was spinning circles
inside my head i felt so dizzy
staring up i found connection
i felt God reaching down

in those moments i left the earth
floating on the hand of God
i learned of peace
i knew the silence
forever connected
to a loving presence

in my life at only six
painful days and tear-filled nights
i found inside i could escape
within the swirl i found that day

~Debby Rosenberg

Journaling Ideas: Try shaking up your journaling with a little poetry. (Not to fret! Unless you are feeling extremely creative, there are many poetry helps available... just keep reading!) It's one thing to have a beautiful picture, but another to add beautiful words that evoke emotion. (Take this cute shot of my niece, for example.) Click HERE for a great resource offering a large number of "Instant Poetry Forms" (I used something similar to create the personalized poem for my niece). Click HERE for another cool website offering a fun selection of silly poems that would work well with photos of children... you'll find everything from homework to birthdays. And then of course, there's Thena Smith - click HERE for her website. She writes beautiful poetry on a variety of topics. Poems make great title pages for your scrapbook; trying printing the poem on vellum and use it as an overlay on a special photograph. And for those of you walking on The Dark Side, a transparency might be nice...

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