Tuesday, January 29, 2008

coffee w/the Amys

It has been WAY TOO LONG since I've had the opportunity to be in the presence of both Amys. Yet here we are, catching up over coffee, at Brewberry's in St. Paul. What a fun afternoon! Though I regularly see my sister-in-law Amy, we rarely have a moment to simply visit - in fact, I believe this was our very first coffee date ever!

I'm also thankful to have had the chance to reconnect with our friend Amy; it was almost like the good old days! Our conversation was filled with laughter as we tackled many important subjects: transitions, the necessity of current passports, life without Disney, glammin' in up for coffee, toilet paper counts, electrician referrals, the business of kindergarten, poker ladies, and of course - scrapbooking. How we managed to go this long without checking in with one another on these weighty issues is beyond me!

Inspired, I left feeling ready to tackle the day (granted it was almost 3:00 pm by the time we parted ways). In a caffeinated whirlwind, I buzzed through our much neglected basement - three very large bags, several cardboard boxes and assorted objects later... I feel like a new woman. Just what I needed.

Journaling Ideas: Celebrate special friendships by documenting your common interests - hobbies, places, and projects you share (e.g. the Amys and my first friend connection took place at a Camp Iduhapi scrapbooking retreat seven years ago). Create a page spread that reflects the unique flavor of those friendships.

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Amy said...

It was such a treat to be out with 2 of my favorite girlfriends. It was just like old times. I've missed that so much! We talked a lot, but on my drive home I had so much more to talk about with you two! Let's do again, soon.

amy w. said...

I agree - we definately need to do it again soon! It was just what I needed! So let's get another coffee date on the books!