Wednesday, December 19, 2007

tossing a little humor your way.

I am obviously now on a video roll and would like to apologize to all of my dial-up fans! I stumbled onto these old videos and had myself a good laugh. This is partly why I love my church so darn tootin' much... people using their gifts and talents in such unique ways. WILLINGLY! Plus, they're always shakin' things up a bit.

The video below lovingly pokes fun at our more conservative lead pastor. My boys are a fan of this actor, whom we affectionately know as "Gordo." He typically plays a geeky Star Trek lovin' dude in various skits around the church.

There's nothing like a hearty laugh to lift your spirits! I'm sure you've also noticed my Southern twang (tootin', shakin', and lovin'); I spent a lot of time on Beth Moore's blog this mornin' and think a bit of her rubbed off. While there, I came across another woman with a great sense of humor. You MUST read this post - but go to the bathroom first.

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