Monday, December 17, 2007

look who i found!

And boy, it took a lot to track her down! Many of you know Cindy as a the gal who used to get ABC/123 stickers stuck inside her fingernails. Remember those nails? She's been MIA from the scrapbooking scene for 2+ years and her presence is sorely missed! I thought I'd post this for all who have been asking about her. Maybe she'll stop by for a virtual visit and you can razz her a little for old times' sake...


Amy said...

Cindy! How the heck are you? Such a nice surprise to see your face here on Tina's blog! Would love to hear how you've been and what is new sometime. Hope your holidays are joyful!

staceyd said... dumped us, huh....wish you would come back to Christmas!!!! You'd better re-think dumping us. We have a pool now!! Good to see you, even if it has to be via a picture!!!