Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My favorite teacher.

Three years ago this month, we moved from the boonie outskirts to deep-into-the-boonies. Meeley had been attending a very small parochial school for two years of preschool and a year of kindergarten. I was uneasy about the switch to a large public school and wondered how he would weather the change. After all, he was leaving longtime friends and a familiar setting behind.

I prayed and asked God to bless Meeley at his new school - that He would surround him with good teachers and new friends.

Imagine my shock at the Open House when we stopped to meet Meeley's new art teacher. Lo and behold, it was MRS. G - my most favorite teacher EVER! Yes, my teacher. Twenty-three years ago, at a small parochial school in my hometown many miles away, Mrs. G was my 8th Grade art teacher!!!

Mrs. G was someone I looked up to - she would graciously share her time and always had an encouraging word. It was because of Mrs. G that I spent several hours working on a pencil drawing and it was also Mrs. G who entered it into a contest. (I won $50!)

What an extraordinary feeling to know that Meeley and Ren would be blessed by the same wonderful teacher. Coincidence? No way! That was a God Moment.

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Tina Vega said...

Okay, for those of you trying to work out the math - it's actually been 26 years since I was in 8th Grade. I was writing from the perspective of when we first reconnected...