Saturday, July 21, 2007

i love surprises.

I've pulled together a couple of goodies for one of you! This drawing is for anyone and everyone visiting this blog. Just post a comment to this entry to be included in the drawing Monday night (July 23). The question: What are five of your summer favorites?

I'll share mine first to get you started: I love long days, sunshine, floating in the pool, sitting on the front porch, and hanging out around a fire.

Your turn...


Amy said...

I love:
1. Spending time with my hubby & kids, just hanging out & laughing/being silly
2. Playing Mexican Train Dominoes with my family
3. Floating in the pool and keeping cool on hot summer days
4. Watching my kids do something new for the first time
5. Snuggling in my cozy
bed/Sleeping in in the morning
~Chad's Amy

Molly Lujan said...

I love the sitting out on a farm on a warm summer night and listening to all the sounds, attending softball games every night of the week and cheering my baby sister on, going swimming with Joey, going to the State Fair with Steve and Joey, and my July Scrapbook Retreat!!! :)-Molly Lujan

Kamy said...

1. Long days
2. Weather like this past weekend
3. Smell of rain
4. Long walks with hubby and kids
5. Summer festivals

Lita said...

i have SIX--all year round!